New UFO Restaurant To Be In Desert

Posted by jakeharris - June 3rd, 2015

The next time you are thinking of driving to Las Vegas, be sure to check out the town of Baker as it is now the home to a very unique but interesting restaurant. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the town of Baker has only just over 600 residents and they needed something to bring in more tourists. So, they came to the conclusion that they should open this restaurant called “Alien Jerky” which is going to attract all of those Sci-Fi and space lovers to the area. It will have lots of good food and also a museum for people to visit in.

New Brunswick‘s own Boraie Development LLC find this is a really neat idea for a small town, because one of the best ways they can bring in more money to their economy is by creating something that no one else out there has. And this could be the ticket to a better life for the people who live in the town. I think it is a great idea especially since there is a love for the unusual and alien stuff these days. There are many UFO hunters out there who would surely stop in to check out the place, and I am sure if the reputation gets good enough maybe they could draw in some of that crowd going to and from Las Vegas every weekend. That would be the life for sure.