Shift Workers in San Diego Can Rejoice at All Day Breakfast Menu

Posted by jakeharris - April 22nd, 2015

Shift workers can have it the worst. You wake up in the afternoon or evening because you have to work the evening or graveyard shift at your job. Hospitals, police stations, jails and a few other places need people there all day and every day. Life can be rough when you have to sleep in the morning or afternoon. It is assumed that the whole world is awake then, so this is when all the jack hammering and anything else noisy happens. Eating is the other big negative of shift work. When you wake up you might feel like going out and getting a breakfast biscuit, but by the afternoon or evening you are pretty much out of luck. There’s no doubt a McMuffin would go great with the morning Bulletproof Coffee.

Shift workers living in San Diego are getting a break. Some McDonald’s are running a big part of their breakfast menu all day. This is a test to see how it goes, and perhaps they will institute it nationwide if all goes well. The flexibility to get breakfast when you want has actually been a long time in coming. It should help their bottom line significantly. Being limited to Denny’s when you are craving eggs and hash browns when you wake up may not pan out since they are not as ubiquitous as McDonald’s. Hopefully this test will be a resounding success, so workers around the country who do not fit into the 9 to 5 mold will have another option for breakfast.