QNet’s Rythm Foundation Look To Provide Water Through Positive Thoughts

Posted by jakeharris - April 27th, 2016

The charitable arm of the QNet company has recently undertaken a new program designed to bring more positivity to the Internet, and provide clean water for children in UAE and Malaysia. QNet has been looking to find the best ways of assisting children in the areas the company has reached with its range of various products that have become successful across the majority of Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

Qnet has looked to reduce the negative thoughts that have become common over the Internet and will look to increase the levels of clean water for children at a QNet sponsored school in Tarrana, Malaysia, if enough positive comments are uploaded to their Facebook page with the donation of a HomePure Red filtration system. In addition, if the positive thoughts programs reaches the levels expected by the Hong Kong based company a second HomePure Red water filtering system will be donated to the Rashid Center for the disabled in UAE.

QNet was established in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and has seen the Rythm foundation established to provide charitable programs for different communities across Asia. The company is one of the most successful multi level marketing businesses in the world and offers a range of products including weight management and nutrition products that are designed to help beat the obesity epidemic sweeping the world. Home goods and luxury items have also proven popular with the people of various countries across Asia, which is the main base for QNet. One of the most popular areas for the QNet group is the production and sale of energy drinks that have become a top seller in India and encouraged the company to switch production to the country.

QNet is hoping to make sure increasing numbers of positive thoughts are posted to their Facebook page and are hoping for 500 positive comments to be placed on their page in the first two weeks of the positive thoughts project; if this is achieved QNet will provide a HomePure Red water filtration system for their school for children with disabilities in Malaysia. In the second two weeks 500 more positive posts tot he Facebook page of QNet will result in the donation of the second filtration system in UAE. Each person can only provide three positive posts to count towards the final total and must be posted within the month for QNet to provide higher levels of clean water for children in their schools.
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Bernardo Chua Is Taking His Company Global

Posted by jakeharris - June 5th, 2015

Most people born in third world countries do not have many opportunities. Even though they work hard most of them don’t get very far. The reason is not for lack of trying but for lack of opportunities. In these conditions only a few make out, but when they do they actually manage to accomplish great things. Bernardo Chua is one of the people that made it out, and what he accomplished is amazing. Bernardo Chua found his way out of the island through multilevel marketing.

As the founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo has found innovative ways to expand his company. One of these innovative ways has been to partner with high profile people. One of these people is no other than Manny Pacquiao. Organo Gold and Pacquiao have had a long relationship together and recently has expanded their partnership. With the help of one of the worlds most famous fighters, Organo Gold is set to reach people all across the world. Strategic alliances like this one have helped Bernardo expand his company all around the world.

People say that you are just like those around you, and with Manny in your corner your sure to win. The importance of this relationship has no measure because the public only looks at your company by the people they sponsor. That is why relationships in the business world are of crucial importance. Bernardo Chua has been a master in making endorsements that would benefit his company. He has been able to build his company from scratch step by step by forming alliances that would project his company to the world. Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur that fought his way to the top, and as long as he keeps fighting his company will keep expanding. Bernardo Chua made out of the island and now he is getting ready to take over the world.

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