The Reverse Showroom Engineering Technique Is How Fabletics Beats Its Competitors

Posted by jakeharris - January 15th, 2018

There is a revolution that is going on in the fashion world. Amazon is reeling. A company that started just a few years ago has broken through and achieved tremendous success.


There are many things that Fabletics does differently. First and foremost, they have a knack for figuring out what it is exactly that consumers want. They know what consumers want, and they give it to them.


The fact is that consumers are looking for something special. They are looking for something unique. Anyone can go to Amazon and eBay and find clothing for cheap if that is what they really want. However, many consumers are getting tired of that. They do not want cheap generic clothing from eBay. They want clothing that is uniquely designed. They want to buy stuff from a company that cares about them and will go the extra mile for them. They want to be able to have a customer service team that is there for them and which will do everything that it can to make sure that they are satisfied. You can not get that on Amazon or eBay. However, you CAN get it at Fabletics, which is exactly why it is so popular, with millions of existing subscribers and thousands of new subscribers every month.


There is no doubt that the reverse showroom engineering technique plays a large role in the success of this company. After all, it is a brilliant strategy that no one has ever come up with before.


Showrooming is when consumers walk into a retail store in order to try on clothing. Keep in mind that trying on clothing means trying on clothing. They are not ready to buy clothing, and they have no intention of doing so. They simply want to try on the clothing. Why do they want to do this? They do it so that if they like something, they can simply search for it online and buy it for cheap from another seller. With Fabletics, customers are already subscribers, so clothing they try on gets added to their online cart.


The fashion industry is very competitive, yet Fabletics has made their mark, thanks to their leaders, like Kate Hudson. She has been extremely helpful in getting them to try out new ideas and become a success. Answer the questions on the Fabletics lifestyle quiz now.

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Fabletics Matching Up to Established Competitors Because of Leveraging the “Power of the Crowd”

Posted by jakeharris - November 10th, 2017

About User Reviews and How they can Make or Break a Company

One thing is shared across all successful companies in America: they are customer centered. Also, they survive by responding promptly to changes in consumer behavior. According to research done by various firms such as BrightLocal, Digital Age consumers tend to crowd-source user reviews on products or services; their purchase decisions are informed by the reviews. Obviously, positively reviewed products/services tend to perform better than those that have been negatively reviewed by consumers; this is because modern consumers trust reviews more than any traditional forms of marketing.

Companies such as Fabletics that have realized the modern consumer behavior and altered their marketing strategies to respond appropriately are doing better than their counterparts that are still preoccupied with traditional marketing and advertising. Fabletics and other brands that have embraced review-centric marketing approach have embedded reviews on their websites and products pages to drive sales. Fabletics products, in particular, are often reviewed by the famous Kate Hudson who is also the co-founder of the brand. Owing to a large number of consumers that know Kate, many of them are likely to take Kate’s positive reviews about any Fabletics’ gear as the gospel truth.

Research by L2, a digital research company, confirms that the trend in the consumer goods market is to adopt user reviews. L2 concludes that of the consumer goods brands surveyed, 76 percent are warming up to the concept of user reviews. L2 further suggests that the number of companies using reviews has increased by over 70 percent since 2014.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is an activewear company based in the U.S that initially focused on athleisure clothing needs for women. Fabletics is the brainchild of three individuals: Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. The company’s merchandise hit the market in 2013 the same year the company was founded.

What sets Fabletics apart from its competitors such as Athleta and Lululemon is that fact that for only four years, Fabletics is arguably matching up to the said competitors that were established in the 90’s. So far, the company has over 21 physical stores in the U.S, and it ships its merchandise to international locations such as Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Australia Also, the subscription-based company has nurtured its membership-based business model that now boasts of over one million paying members. With an expansion of over 200 percent so far, the company’s revenues are approaching $250 million. FL2 is the company’s new line to cater to the needs of male consumers. The company’s rapid growth is as a result of review-centric marketing.

About Kate Hudson

She rose to fame in the early 2000’s because of her role in the movie “Almost Famous.” While many people thought of Kate as just an iconic actress, Fabletics has revealed her business-minded side. Apart from playing a role in the day-to-day running of Fabletics, Kate has leveraged her fame to market the company’s products. Recently, she announced the famous Demi Lovato’s collaboration with the company.

Fabletics Implements Reverse Showroom to Establish a Strong Client Base

Posted by jakeharris - July 5th, 2017

In business, the position of a product determines its performance. Branding influences product positioning. This, therefore, means that branding is a primary element to consider when establishing a business. Most well to do brands have taken advantage of the existing market niche that technology brings into business. Towards that end, the fashion industry has embraced the existence of technology as well as personalization as many consumers in the industry of fashion purchase brands that they can identify with. That is what Kate Hudson of Fabletics has embraced.




Through strategic planning as well as the execution of plans, Kate Hudson has created a brand that promotes wellness and fitness in women. The blue ocean strategy she has implemented is unmatched. Fabletics has initiated the use of innovative strategies and creativity to create demand in a world full of different fashion brands. Under Kate Hudson’s watch has the company grown into a multimillion dollar business over the last four years.


Reverse Showroom


The emergence of modern technology has revolutionized the operation of several industries. From design to marketing and research, technology has become a primary operating factor for Fabletics. That is the relevance of reverse showroom in Fabletics. Fabletics seeks to establish the needs of clients before stocking the physical stores. The company has managed to incorporate physical showrooms as well as retail stores for online shopping. From this platform, the management runs a search on the website to establish the mostly browsed products.




Depending on the tastes, preferences, culture, and quality of the products, they are availed in the physical stores. That is the basis of reverse showrooms. For Kate Hudson, the most important element is price and quality. Through affordable prices, Fabletics has won many hearts. Fabletics has included a modern concept of marketing, online shopping. This is made possible through a monthly membership subscription that can be enjoyed at $5. As the clients browse the products online with the intent to purchase, the management takes note of the shopping behavior of customers.


Winning with Fabletics


For Kate Hudson and Fabletics, it was not about the massive recognition. It was most of adopting an e-commerce platform for selling her brand. Just like Warby Parker, she initiated the beginning of an online shopping platform featuring affordable prices, high quality, and style. This was regardless of the consumer’s size, age in addition to ability. Through Fabletics Kate Hudson promotes health and comfort in women.