What Makes a Good Dog Food Ad?

Posted by jakeharris - July 25th, 2015

When it comes to the food that a dog eats, humans get to choose what they buy. Pet owners need to decide just what kind of food they want to purchase for the pets in their lives. A dog is not going to watch a television advertisement and choose which food is right for him or her, so it is important that dog food brands make advertisements that are appealing to the pet owner, rather than the pet. Those in charge of advertising for pet food companies need to know just how they should be making the ads that they create, and they need to know just how to appeal to those who will be buying their dog food.

Beneful seems to know just what they need to be doing when it comes to creating a good dog food ad. This brand uses adorable puppies to draw buyers in. This brand takes something that they know the pet owners love – cute animals – and they use them to help convince the pet owner that their food is right for their pets. From a Rube Goldberg machine that features a wagon filled with cute puppies to a variety of other animal focused advertisements, Beneful seems to know just what they are doing when it comes to creating pet food ads that are worthwhile and appealing.

Bulletproof Coffee, the Fat is Your Friend

Posted by jakeharris - June 8th, 2015

To set things straight you should know that Bulletproof Coffee is not a brand it is a recipe. Based on the concept you drink this instead of having a traditional breakfast. Obviously there must be more to this beverage than a breakfast substitute. Two of the most appealing things people want is energy and weight loss. Bulletproof Coffee promises to deliver just that. The blend is easy to make and more affordable than most diet pills.


To make you just need a few simple easy to find ingredients and you are ready to try America’s trendiest weight loss plan. When purchasing ingredients for Bulletproof Coffee you want to buy Upgraded Coffee instead of any regular cup of coffee. Upgraded potentially improves energy and mood better than standard coffee. You need the following ingredients:


  • 2 cups of black Upgrade coffee
  • 2 tablespoon MCT oil
  • 2 tablespoon of unsalted grass-fed butter


Blend all ingredients together in a blender on high speed until the oil creams and looks like a latte. Pour in a glass and viola, you have Bulletproof Coffee

So what makes this so special? One of the keys to its success is the time of day you drink it. When we drink Bulletproof Coffee in the morning is speeds up the metabolism but uses fat as the source of fuel. This ignites or jump starts your body fat as the primary source of fuel instead of sugar. This could mean burning more body fat throughout the day which leads to weight loss. Another bonus when burning fat for fuel is the energy it delivers. Fat typically breaks down slowly but once it makes it way to the blood stream it can be used as a super source of fuel. To help speed up how fast the fat breaks down is the use of both of the ingredients. MCT oil and grass-fed unsalted butter are both fats but not as dense so they break down and provide energy faster.

This is likely the key to the success individuals have achieved from drinking the beverage. Often no product works alone and a healthy eating and workout plan are always encouraged. If you are looking for a product to help you get your weight under control maybe Bulletproof Coffee is for you.