The Vision of Organo Gold

Posted by jakeharris - July 22nd, 2015

Organo Gold began with a vision. That vision involved improving the health, prosperity and overall lives of people in the world. One way that the company has sought to achieve this vision is by introducing the world to Ganoderma, an herb that is shown to increase the health of the individual that tries this product. Organo Gold uses Ganoderma in their beverages in order to bring about many health benefits as well as great taste. Anyone who tries these beverages will likely notice the health benefits right away to go along with the great taste of the beverage.

This great taste would not be available if it wasn’t for the vision of Bernardo Chua. Bernardo Chua has achieved a lot of successful business activities before founding Organo Gold with the help of two other businessmen with a vision. These businessmen who partner with him are Shane Morand and Holton Buggs. Shanae Morand is a master salesman. In fact, he has sold the majority of Organo Gold’s Ganoderma products as the Global Master Distributor. He has had a vision as well as a passion for Organo gold which has brought it to heights that were unexpected.

Organo Gold’s products have been created in order to fit with any lifestyle. In this case, people from any walk of life can enjoy these products from Organo gold. They get to experience the great taste as well as improved health that comes with the Ganoderma enhanced products. Organo Gold has gone on to sponsor a non-profit organization knwon as the OG Cares Foundation. Their goal is to bring out new leaders by reaching young people globally. Organo Gold has a lot of promise as it reaches more people. Not only will the business be a success, but others can share in its success with the benefits that come from their healthy products.

Olives As A Healthy Snack Option

Posted by jakeharris - April 24th, 2015

Whether you are dieting or simply want to add some new items to your snacking routine, it might be time to give olives a fair shot. Many people add this tasty food to pizzas, salads and wraps but don’t count olives out as a snack item on their own. They actually have a lot of nutritional value to them. Not many people don’t love olives because really, what’s not to like? They’re salty, which curbs that salt craving a lot of snackers have and they have a great texture. Not to mention they are relatively affordable.

There are a number of different olive types available which is nice because if you get into the olive snacking habit, you have variety to choose from. You have milder versions like black olives or you can go much saltier like kalamata or green olives. There are even olives that you can find at your local grocery store that are stuffed in the center with blue cheese or garlic.

If you are trying to lose weight it is important to keep your metabolism up. You don’t want to go too long without food so its nice to find a low calorie snack that you can go to when you are trying to curb those hunger cravings. Try adding Bulletproof Coffee ( with your olives for a great afternoon pick-me-up. You’ll find olives are very low in calories but they fill you up. The salt can also help you retain your water a bit better so you can better hydrate yourself for your up and coming workout.