Fabletics Implements Reverse Showroom to Establish a Strong Client Base

Posted by jakeharris - July 5th, 2017

In business, the position of a product determines its performance. Branding influences product positioning. This, therefore, means that branding is a primary element to consider when establishing a business. Most well to do brands have taken advantage of the existing market niche that technology brings into business. Towards that end, the fashion industry has embraced the existence of technology as well as personalization as many consumers in the industry of fashion purchase brands that they can identify with. That is what Kate Hudson of Fabletics has embraced.




Through strategic planning as well as the execution of plans, Kate Hudson has created a brand that promotes wellness and fitness in women. The blue ocean strategy she has implemented is unmatched. Fabletics has initiated the use of innovative strategies and creativity to create demand in a world full of different fashion brands. Under Kate Hudson’s watch has the company grown into a multimillion dollar business over the last four years.


Reverse Showroom


The emergence of modern technology has revolutionized the operation of several industries. From design to marketing and research, technology has become a primary operating factor for Fabletics. That is the relevance of reverse showroom in Fabletics. Fabletics seeks to establish the needs of clients before stocking the physical stores. The company has managed to incorporate physical showrooms as well as retail stores for online shopping. From this platform, the management runs a search on the website to establish the mostly browsed products.




Depending on the tastes, preferences, culture, and quality of the products, they are availed in the physical stores. That is the basis of reverse showrooms. For Kate Hudson, the most important element is price and quality. Through affordable prices, Fabletics has won many hearts. Fabletics has included a modern concept of marketing, online shopping. This is made possible through a monthly membership subscription that can be enjoyed at $5. As the clients browse the products online with the intent to purchase, the management takes note of the shopping behavior of customers.


Winning with Fabletics


For Kate Hudson and Fabletics, it was not about the massive recognition. It was most of adopting an e-commerce platform for selling her brand. Just like Warby Parker, she initiated the beginning of an online shopping platform featuring affordable prices, high quality, and style. This was regardless of the consumer’s size, age in addition to ability. Through Fabletics Kate Hudson promotes health and comfort in women.

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