Healthy Living: Good to the Last Drop

Posted by jakeharris - August 31st, 2015

Since ancient people discovered the taste and energy derived from the little coffee bean, we have been cultivating coffee plants and roasting the beans to satisfy just about any discriminating taste. It is often the first thing we reach for in the morning, and we sip on a flavorful cup of java throughout the day.

As a coffee fan, I enjoyed reading an article that was published recently on According to the article, Organo Gold established a new operation in Turkey. Organo Gold is a gourmet coffee company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and now serves nearly forty countries. This company has flourished under its CEO, who founded it seven years ago.

Of course, Turkey is well-known for its love of coffee and established one of the world’s first coffee houses back in the 1400s. It is a cultural icon for the Turkish people, so Chua so it as a prudent investment of time and resources. According to the article, he sees the markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa united through a program Organo Gold calls the Global Footprint Initiative. Chua and his company are working globally for responsible harvesting and using renewable energy resources. He reaches out to other companies to encourage them to be eco-friendly and globally responsible.

Like most people around the world, Turkish citizens are practicing a better lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Chua hopes to take his product and enthusiasm for healthy living to the people of Turkey. Not only does Organo Gold make and sell premium coffee, but they also market their own brands of teas and personal care products.

The article mentions the fact that this special coffee comes from a blend of a certain Chinese mushroom, the Ganoderma. Ancient Chinese herbalists wrote about this mushroom and its beneficial properties. Many people enjoy the many health benefits that Organo Gold coffee offers and they love the taste.

Bernardo Chua and his team are proud to see the growth of his gourmet coffee company. In 2008, Chua founded the company as a network marketing corporation, says the article. He has won many awards, such as the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Metal. His company uses multi-level marketing to get others involved in the gourmet coffee business. People are finding success in working for Organo Gold. Chua is enthusiastic about their new market in Turkey and hopes to continue to spread their love of flavorful coffee and healthy living.

Consider Handybook Cleaning for Keeping Your Home Tidy

Posted by jakeharris - August 19th, 2015

Keeping your house clean can seem like a never-ending process that takes up most of your free time and energy. To mitigate some of the time and effort required to maintain the upkeep of your home, you may consider hiring an outside service to take some of the burden off of you and your family. In fact, the digital revolution has never made it easier for those seeking to streamline their home cleaning needs.

Founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, Handybook is one of these digital applications available on the Internet that makes it a breeze for you to contract a home cleaning service, not to mention a handyman or plumber, all through your iPhone. Emulating the approach of Uber, the car ride service, Handy book operates as a virtual marketplace that facilitates scheduling and payments and connecting contractors with customers.

The application currently operates in 13 cities nationwide with four offices now opened in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston. The mobile app essentially seeks to remove much of the uncertainty often associated with hiring a contractor. Users simply have to input their zip code, the cleaning service required, the start time for the job and a price quote is generated that includes both tip and tax. If you find the price and contractor suitable, your credit or debit card on file will be charged to secure the service.

This approach streamlines much of the traditional approach taken by consumers in evaluating contractors. In the past, you would have to screen potential services by asking for references or seeking referrals from friends, family and/or work colleagues. Trust was and still is the chief currency, as the cleaning service will have access to your belongings.

Most cleaning services, whether contracted through Handybook or outside sources, will arrive at your property prepared to get to work with all of the pertinent supplies such as brooms, brushes, vacuums and cleaning products. At the same time, there may be occasions when a cleaning service may request to use your supplies, particularly if you make custom requests.

The Handybook app enables you to designate the areas you would like to be cleaned ahead of time in generating your price quote. In other cases, it is important that you consult with your provider to make sure they understand which rooms you want cleaned and in the manner you desire. Identify areas that require special attention because of recent spills or damage.

In terms of cost and payment, Handybook takes care off all of this before the job is contracted. If you elect to go with an outside provider, it is best to discuss with the contractor ahead of time if there will be any extra charges based on the type of residence you inhabit or special cleaning requests you desire. For example, at times extra charges may apply if your home is located in a gated community or if your home is part of a larger housing complex and there is a lack of parking available on the street.

Ultimately, whether you elect to use the Handybook app to find a cleaning contractor or go with a provider you find through other means, keep in mind these tips to ensure you receive the highest standard of service and care in maintaining the tidiness of your home.

Have Fun With Makeup With Lime Crime

Posted by jakeharris - August 9th, 2015

Makeup is a great way to have fun in life. People can use makeup in many ways. Many people like to use makeup in order to help them feel more professional each day. Others like to use makeup in order to assume a new and different persona that allows them to express parts of their inner thoughts to others. The use of makeup can also help a young person feel more grownup and sophisticated. Working with the right makeup company can also help someone think about the kind of person they would like to project to the world. The right image can help them feel more imaginative. The best makeup can help people do all kinds of things including be more adult or just add a sense of play to their everyday lives.

Looking for the right kind of makeup company can be an important part of this process. A makeup company should be able to help the customer figure out what kind of makeup is ideal for their needs. One such makeup company is Lime Crime. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere, a creative and thoughtful professional with a background in this field. She started her company after finding it hard to look for the right makeup for her needs. Her research has helped her assist many others who want to have makeup that allows them to be able to create a new look for themselves when the mood strikes. With her help, her customers have been able to find the best possible makeup for their daily needs as well for any kind of special occasion they may have in mind.

Deere and her company workers are happy to help customers discover just how this product line can provide them with the kind of makeup that is easy to use and looks very professional when applied. Many of her customers have found that the makeup sold by this brand allows them to play with color and drama in their lives. The use of color in makeup can help a customer add an air of seriousness and intelligence to their look when they are trying to make a presentation at work or just want others to see them in a more creative and fun light. The makeup at Lime Crime is both easy to apply and easy to wash off, making it an ideal makeup for any customer.