The Undisputed King Of The Shishito Pepper

Posted by jakeharris - June 30th, 2015

The first time Noah Robbins tasted a shishito pepper, he nearly flipped. There was something about slender pepper’s flavor and characteristics that made the Cornell graduate want to become a grower — and he did. Two years ago, the 27-year-old founded Ark Foods, and his company is now one of the largest shishito suppliers in New York.

After bouncing from company to company, Robbins moved to Florida to work on a farm. No stranger to the industry, Robbins learned many of the agricultural basics by shadowing his father, who worked for years in the orange groves. After his initial exposure to the shishito, Robbins’ natural progression was to develop a niche market that had the potential to produce big gains.

So, after a bit of begging, borrowing and favor currying, Robbins now has farms in Long Island and North Carolina reports Brian Torchin. In his first five months, he produced over 20,000 pounds of shishito. This year, the company stands to produce nearly 500,000 pounds of peppers. Ark Foods is also going retail, in an attempt to get the peppers into grocery stores.

Although what Robbins is doing is against the grain, he is proving that one person with determination and drive can create something viable.

Create Publishable Wikipedia Articles

Posted by jakeharris - June 26th, 2015


When you reading Wikipedia articles that you have received for editing, you need to make sure that you are following the Wikipedia guidelines for editing. Most people are going to write what they believe to be correct in these articles, and they might even list their resources. However, it is your job to check everything in the article to make sure that it is written properly. You are the final step in the process before an article is published, and you need to make sure that you cover these guidelines before sending off the article.

Where Are The Resources?

As mentioned on this website, you need to figure out where the resources for the article are. You must use the list that is provided to edit the article, but you may also have to go out and find all the resources on your own. When you are looking for these resources, you should make a list of them to put at the end of the article. This list is going to allow people to do more research after they get done reading the article. You should check every fact in the article to be sure it can be published ethically.

What About The Photos?

The photos in each article need to be checked for royalties and other issues. When you are checking the photos, they have to have the proper credits, but they also have to have the royalties paid. Your royalties could be free, but you need to make sure that the royalties are free. When you encounter photos where the royalties are not paid, they need to be pulled immediately.

There are many ways to make a Wikipedia article ethically ready for publication, and you need to cover all these things before you allow the article to be published for others to read.

Bulletproof Coffee, the Fat is Your Friend

Posted by jakeharris - June 8th, 2015

To set things straight you should know that Bulletproof Coffee is not a brand it is a recipe. Based on the concept you drink this instead of having a traditional breakfast. Obviously there must be more to this beverage than a breakfast substitute. Two of the most appealing things people want is energy and weight loss. Bulletproof Coffee promises to deliver just that. The blend is easy to make and more affordable than most diet pills.


To make you just need a few simple easy to find ingredients and you are ready to try America’s trendiest weight loss plan. When purchasing ingredients for Bulletproof Coffee you want to buy Upgraded Coffee instead of any regular cup of coffee. Upgraded potentially improves energy and mood better than standard coffee. You need the following ingredients:


  • 2 cups of black Upgrade coffee
  • 2 tablespoon MCT oil
  • 2 tablespoon of unsalted grass-fed butter


Blend all ingredients together in a blender on high speed until the oil creams and looks like a latte. Pour in a glass and viola, you have Bulletproof Coffee

So what makes this so special? One of the keys to its success is the time of day you drink it. When we drink Bulletproof Coffee in the morning is speeds up the metabolism but uses fat as the source of fuel. This ignites or jump starts your body fat as the primary source of fuel instead of sugar. This could mean burning more body fat throughout the day which leads to weight loss. Another bonus when burning fat for fuel is the energy it delivers. Fat typically breaks down slowly but once it makes it way to the blood stream it can be used as a super source of fuel. To help speed up how fast the fat breaks down is the use of both of the ingredients. MCT oil and grass-fed unsalted butter are both fats but not as dense so they break down and provide energy faster.

This is likely the key to the success individuals have achieved from drinking the beverage. Often no product works alone and a healthy eating and workout plan are always encouraged. If you are looking for a product to help you get your weight under control maybe Bulletproof Coffee is for you.

Bernardo Chua Is Taking His Company Global

Posted by jakeharris - June 5th, 2015

Most people born in third world countries do not have many opportunities. Even though they work hard most of them don’t get very far. The reason is not for lack of trying but for lack of opportunities. In these conditions only a few make out, but when they do they actually manage to accomplish great things. Bernardo Chua is one of the people that made it out, and what he accomplished is amazing. Bernardo Chua found his way out of the island through multilevel marketing.

As the founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo has found innovative ways to expand his company. One of these innovative ways has been to partner with high profile people. One of these people is no other than Manny Pacquiao. Organo Gold and Pacquiao have had a long relationship together and recently has expanded their partnership. With the help of one of the worlds most famous fighters, Organo Gold is set to reach people all across the world. Strategic alliances like this one have helped Bernardo expand his company all around the world.

People say that you are just like those around you, and with Manny in your corner your sure to win. The importance of this relationship has no measure because the public only looks at your company by the people they sponsor. That is why relationships in the business world are of crucial importance. Bernardo Chua has been a master in making endorsements that would benefit his company. He has been able to build his company from scratch step by step by forming alliances that would project his company to the world. Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur that fought his way to the top, and as long as he keeps fighting his company will keep expanding. Bernardo Chua made out of the island and now he is getting ready to take over the world.

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New UFO Restaurant To Be In Desert

Posted by jakeharris - June 3rd, 2015

The next time you are thinking of driving to Las Vegas, be sure to check out the town of Baker as it is now the home to a very unique but interesting restaurant. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the town of Baker has only just over 600 residents and they needed something to bring in more tourists. So, they came to the conclusion that they should open this restaurant called “Alien Jerky” which is going to attract all of those Sci-Fi and space lovers to the area. It will have lots of good food and also a museum for people to visit in.

New Brunswick‘s own Boraie Development LLC find this is a really neat idea for a small town, because one of the best ways they can bring in more money to their economy is by creating something that no one else out there has. And this could be the ticket to a better life for the people who live in the town. I think it is a great idea especially since there is a love for the unusual and alien stuff these days. There are many UFO hunters out there who would surely stop in to check out the place, and I am sure if the reputation gets good enough maybe they could draw in some of that crowd going to and from Las Vegas every weekend. That would be the life for sure.

Famous Frozen Food Brand To Open A Drive-Through

Posted by jakeharris - June 3rd, 2015

Amy’s Kitchen is a wonderful, organic, frozen foods brand. The brand offers a wide variety of delicious foods that are vegetarian and free of common allergens. Overall they are a winner. Their success is clearly showing because soon they will be opening up a drive-through in Rohnert Park reports Ivan Ong. Amy’s will offer healthy food items similar to what you can purchase in your grocer’s freezer in a quick, convenient way. One of their many claims to fame is the company’s desire to nix artificial flavors and other unwanted chemical. When consumer purchase their foods they know that what they are putting into their body is wholesome and nutritious. The rest of America can only home that the first restaurant is a success so they will continue to expand upon the idea around the country. Many of us wish there were healthier options for fast food that we do not have to feel guilty about eating when we are on the go, and it is becoming more of a reality for some.