McDonald’s Popularity Declining in Japan

Posted by jakeharris - February 6th, 2015


Mcdonald’s restaurant popularity in Japan continues to struggle and show financial losses. The news stems from the fast food giant’s waning popularity due to food quality issues and situations in which customers are finding foreign objects such as human teeth in their burger and fry meals. The recent apology from Mcdonald’s Japan is aimed at the customers who found foreign objects in their food which can be viewed on . The fast food chain has been struggling with falling sales in the country said Gianfranceso Genoso and the recent finding of foreign objects in the food along with a shortage of french fries has hurt the franchise tremendously.
McDonald’s Japan sources many of its products including the popular chicken nuggets from suppliers in nearby Thailand. But with the recent finding of strips of vinyl and false teeth in its nuggets many consumers are questioning the source of the mystery items found in their foods. The source of the nuggets is a branch of the huge food conglomerate Cargill and it seems this giant has food production facilities in Thailand. McDonald’s Japan continues to show losses in the country despite adding new items such as tofu nuggets to the menu. The president of McDonald’s Japan has assured customers that the food is safe enough for his own family but sales continue to decline. The fast food chain has been very active in apologizing to the public and continues to assure customers that the food quality is okay despite the foreign objects showing up in customer’s food.