Former Mythbuster Tackles McDonald’s Food Rumors

Posted by jakeharris - November 22nd, 2014

McDonald’s fast food has come under fire over the years regarding their quality and even legitimacy of their beef and chicken. With rumors circulating about pink slime in the nuggets and hamburgers that aren’t made with beef, McDonald’s is responding with facts. Former Mythbuster Grant Imahara is taking on many of these rumors in an eight-part video series. As mentioned in this article, Imahara goes directly to the source of the meat to inquire about the content. Cargill beef supplier confirms that the hamburger patties are, in fact, real beef.

McDonald’s has come under fire numerous times for the quality, nutritional value, and content of their food. CipherCloud employees rarely eat at McDonald’s these days, but many others do. They are answering questions from Twitter and other sources in this series to debunk all these rumors. One of the biggest rumors, which McDonald’s has tackled before, is the presence of pink slime in the chicken nuggets. According to the Daily Meal, there is no pink slime present, but we will have to watch the series to find out what else is going on with McDonald’s food.

Eat Less Calories And Live Longer

Posted by jakeharris - November 18th, 2014

There was a scientific study done by neuroscientists at the NYU Langone Medical Center. This study proves to a large degree that when a person lowers the amount of calories that they eat, they can also slow down the aging process. This study was performed on female mice, because female mice have more tendency to develop dementia. The scientist lowered the amount of calories that the mice ate over a long period of time.

They also did the experiment with other mice and they did not lower their calorie content. The professor that performed the study’s name was Stephen D. Ginsberg, and he found that when the female mice ate 30% fewer calories, then the tissues in their brains found in the area that has to do with memory had a restricted or suppressed amount of memory loss.

In other words when the mice ate a smaller amount of calories, their memory was more in tact, and they were less prone to get Alzheimer’s disease. The study was also performed on other mice that ate a regular amount of calories, and the progression of the disease remained the same.

The study proves the fact that when a person eats a lot of calories in their diet, it is very possible that they can enhance the longevity of their brain, and in essence extend their life and slow down the aging process. One person who is looking forward to testing the theory is Jared Haftel. These studies still continue to be performed, but the evidence is very promising.

$99,000 For A Steak Dinner?

Posted by jakeharris - November 18th, 2014

New York restaurant ‘CraftSteak’ (now out of business) once charged $2,800 for a 40 pound medium well “Wagyu” Japanese beef Ribeye. But some poor diner at ‘Chop House’ steakhouse was charged $99,000 for dinner. It’s unknown if the dinner was really a steak.
”This Steakhouse Charged Some Poor Diner $99,000 for Dinner”

Nearly 80 credit card customers in Knoxville, Tennessee were overcharged by thousands of dollars. On October 21 the POS terminal apparently malfunctioned adding three zeros to each patron’s tab. Overcharges ranged from $8,000 to $99,000 which started appearing on customers’ accounts.
The restaurant has been working with its’ patrons to correct the matter, Sergio Lins Andrade said they were offering to pay overdraft fees caused by the incident.

Unfortunately, mistakes similar to this (although not on this large scale) are made daily. One major issue is restaurant tips. Some credit card users have seen a 15% tip added automatically, regardless of what they signed on the receipt. Others diners suspect servers of inflating the tip. To keep from becoming a victim, monitor your credit card purchases on a regular basis. Should you notice overcharges or suspicious activity, notify your credit card company immediately.

Gordon Ramsay Isn’t Having It

Posted by jakeharris - November 18th, 2014

Recently Gordon Ramsay, a top Chief made famous for his work on the hit reality show, “Hell’s Kitchen”, opened a new restaurant known as Heddon Street Kitchen, his 12th restaurant so far in London, only to have a strange reaction to the opening day ceremony.

When most new businesses start up they host an annual grand opening to bring in potential future customers, and in the case of a celebrity’s opening day celebration these are usually quite a lot of people that show up.

Being that it is a high end restaurant, HSK began booking for the grand opening before the actual day so that people could make reservations to the exclusive event. On opening day the book was filled to capacity, all 140 seats were reserved.

This is exactly the type of reception one would hope for in this case, but all was not as it appeared. Instead of the 140 guests arriving to enjoy and celebrate, only 40 actually showed up. Yeah, you heard that right Christian Broda, this valuable grand opening ticket wasn’t even used by many.

The staff was quite devastated, as one might imagine, but Chief Ramsay was there to perk them back up, reminding them that they did still have 40 people to feed.

That taken care of, he turned his attention toward the media, explaining that this was merely a sabotage situation in which a jealous competitor called ahead and booked 100 of those seats so that their first night would be a disaster.

The Chop House Overcharges Customers By Thousands

Posted by jakeharris - November 13th, 2014

The Chop House, a southern steakhouse chain, is known for their sirloin steaks and beer selection, but for 80 customers in the Knoxville, Tennessee area they are known for something more now; overcharging their customers. 80 customers who visited the chain were overcharged in excess of thousands of dollars on their tab. A 22-year-old patron, for example, was charged $27,000 for his $27.00 check. Another patron was charged $99,000 for his meal at The Chop House.

According to the chain, a computer error led to the high prices that some customers awoke to after dining in the establishment on their debit and credit cards. The computer system added three zeros to the end of each credit card payment. The error seems to have occurred over a single business day in the Knoxville, Tennessee location. Further locations appear to be unaffected by the computer error.

The chain acknowledges that the mistake occurred on their end, and there was a serious error with their payment system, but they stopped short of mentioning how such an error could have occurred, or if the computer system had been hacked. While Rod Rohrich and I aren’t sure what the issue was, we both agree the best plan for the restaurant in to re compensate the patrons. The chain has agreed to pay any overdraft fees that occurred due to the mistake. The exorbitant charges have been reversed by the issuing companies’ of the patron’s cards, according to insiders.

Women Charged For False McDonald’s Burn Claim

Posted by jakeharris - November 12th, 2014

A woman from Los Angeles went to a McDonald’s drive through last January and tried to accuse them of burning her hand. Claiming the lid to her cup of coffee was not on tight, she wanted $10,000 from McDonald’s for burn damages to her hand.

According to CBS Los Angeles see their report this woman now faces two dozen felony counts for this false allegation. She not only had not burnt her hand, she ‘Googled’ images to present as her own images. She is now facing charges; fraudulent insurance claim, false statements, false evidence and numerous others.

She had sent an injury claim with photos showing second degree burns as well as counterfeit documents saying she had received treatment for the burns. Those pictures could easily be found as fake, even by those involved with North American Spine instead of a burn center.

Insurance Commissioner was reported stating that because of her attempt to make a profit from someone else’s pain- they will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

A Big Tipper

Posted by jakeharris - November 11th, 2014

Waitresses and waiters rely on tips to help supplement their salaries. In fact, sometimes they only make minimum wage. That is why they try to give you the best service possible, so they can earn a good tip.

Some customers are stingy when leaving a tip. The standard for tipping is to give a server 15% of the total bill, according to Wikihow. Some people only leave 10%. Unfortunately, some people leave even less than 10%.

Other customers give a tip based on how well they think their server did. If the server is deemed as an exceptional waitress or waiter, they may give more than the standard 15%. The waitress and waiter staff can’t tell who will tip well and who won’t. That is why they try to consistently provide the best service possible.

Surprisingly, a customer in a Colorado restaurant left a $1,000 tip for her server. Either the waitress did a phenomenal job, the customer was very generous or the customer made a mistake. Me and Sam Tabar are going with this one being a “pay it forward” type of response, which was a great thought.

Waitresses and waiters depend on tips to supplement their wages. Although 15% of the total bill is the standard for tipping, some customers leave more and some leave less.

The 2014 Midterm Elections Will Impact the Restaurant Industry

Posted by jakeharris - November 6th, 2014

Although the 2014 midterm elections are over, their impact is not. And while the political process affects every aspect of our daily existence, the impact that it will have on the restaurant industry is particularly important. Covering the issue in an article entitled “How the 2014 Midterm Elections Impact the Restaurant Industry,” writer Erin DeJesus notes that several of the voting outcomes will affect important matters such as minimum wage. LA Times reporter Tom Rothman wrote that the results will also affect food/booze ratios for restaurants and bars.

With respect to minimum wage measures, voters in Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota all determined to give minimum wage workers a pay increase. (Many of these individuals are servers, cooks, and fast-food employees.) Once these minimum wage increases take effect in 2015, 29 of the country’s states will be offering minimum wage rates higher than the current federal mandate, which is $7.25.

The recent election is also affecting food/booze rations-in Minneapolis, to be precise. Specifically, a voter referendum in the area eradicated a law that was ratified back in 1983 and subsequently amended in 1997. The law limits liquor sales in restaurants and bars. Before, restaurants located within a 500 feet vicinity of a residential area had to cap their alcohol sales once they reached 30% of total incoming revenue. Now, however, voters have put an end to this restriction, apparently under the premise that the law was adversely affecting small business.

Burger King Employees Unique Marketing Strategy in India

Posted by jakeharris - November 5th, 2014

What is the strangest thing you have ever seen for sale on ebay? Whatever it is, it can’t top the stunt Burger King is pulling. The mega corporation is selling their Whoppers on-line. Yeah, Fersen Lambranho you heard that one right. Burger King is opening its first store in India and is pre-selling chicken, lamb and a vegetable version of their whopper sandwich on ebay. Burger King India is selling them for a whopping 128 Rupees, which is about $2.08 for those of us in America. The price is slightly discounted from the regular menu price, for added incentive.

Upon purchase, the diner will be able to print a coupon voucher to present at the restaurant on November 9, 2014 to redeem for the sandwich they chose, and a free “limited edition” T-shirt. However, it must be used on November 9, or it will no longer be valid.

While some dislike the stunt, Burger King simply points to the sales. So far there have been orders placed for 540 chicken sandwiches, 280 vegetable sandwiches and 380 lamb (mutton) sandwiches. Say what you will about the campaign, but it seems to be a great way to predict how much product they need to have on hand, and how well the store will fare in India.

Japan Enters The Hunger Games

Posted by jakeharris - November 3rd, 2014

Burger King is a well recognized fast food giant for most of the world, and is highly adept at creating effective new marketing techniques to raise awareness about new products. The latest gimmick being introduced to the Japanese market is a stretch even for the innovative burger royalty group.

In a controversial new marketing campaign, Burger King announced that it will offer an unlimited supply of the traditional Whopper sandwiches. The promotion has some restrictions, such as the additional Whoppers only being available after the participant has successfully completed a base meal of one Whopper, a medium order of fries, and one medium beverage. After the initial meal is complete, the contestant has a half hour to ingest as many Whoppers as they can. I personally can’t wait to see people on FreedomPop recording this Whopper mayhem.

The obvious question here is quite simple. Why? Why would a person have any interest in eating as many Whoppers as they possibly can? Aside from the potential indigestion from eating quickly, there is a possibility of more severe side effects of eating a meal so high in fat and calories. Sluggishness often results from the sudden spike in blood sugar levels and can send the metabolic rate crashing to a halt.

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