Providing services for the inmates

Posted by jakeharris - August 29th, 2017

Inmates in prison also have basic needs. Different companies help them to meet these needs. The companies are scarce. Securus Technologies is one of the companies that offer services that directly and indirectly affect the inmates in the United States. The company has embraced different methods to enhance quality services. The company supplies phones with monitored internet, combs, security gadgets, and online accounts to the inmates. These services are provided to various prisons around the nation. This shows the effectiveness of the company in service delivery. The company has diversified further into the products and services that they deliver. This depends on the prison that they serve. The company has also invested in customer services. This has enabled it to dominate the industry. The customer service officers of the company show warm interest in the needs of inmates. This has enabled the development of the company to various states within the country. They serve both male and female prisons. This proves the diversity of their services.


The company ensures that the prison cells are safe by offering tight security measures. This has worked to ensure that the data in prison is safe. It enables the prisoners to avoid the issues that they are exposed to while in prison. They ensure the guards have the right equipment to use to protect the prisoners. The families of the inmates are assured that their loved ones are safe. They can access them through phone calls and also through online accounts. The accounts are easy to create and monitor. This ensures that the prisoners access their family members most of the time and reduce the distance between them. Companies should consider investing in such opportunities because they will get to solve a challenge and create an inclusive economy.


George Soros Gives Back Financially to Halt The Capitalist Threat

Posted by jakeharris - August 11th, 2017

In both 2004 and 2016, billionaire George Soros gave millions towards political campaigns and causes. The Hillary Clinton campaign benefited from part of Soros’ Democratic donations totaling $27 million in 2016, while Soros gave $25 million towards an attempt to defeat George W. Bush in 2004.

Born in Hungary and current resident of New York, Soros has known Clinton for over 25 years. But those close to Soros note that it was his long-held political beliefs that drove him to donate so much to political causes in 2016. Soros, who turned 85 in 2016, was especially motivated by what he perceived to be attacks on religious tolerance, immigration reform, and prison reform. These issues have long been ones that Soros has championed, and his concerns only grew once Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination. Soros greatly disagreed with Trump’s political beliefs, going so far as to say that Trump was “doing the work of ISIS” through political fear-mongering. It has not been solely the United States’ political issues that have been Soros’ concern. He has also concerned himself with monitoring the economic developments in Europe. Visit to know more about George.

The billionaire, who has amassed a fortune surpassing $24 billion through currency trading, has also been spoken out about what he perceives to be “The Capitalist Threat.” In 1997, he wrote an article for The Atlantic in which he argues that “let the free market” is a dangerous rallying cry. Among is chief argument for the dangers of capitalism is that in a capitalist society, those in charge “claim to be in possession of the ultimate truth.” Soros compares this type of totalitarianism to the same found in the fascist regimes he grew up with in Europe. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

It certainly is true that George Soros remains committed to anti-totalitarian causes. In 2016, Soros donated $5 million to the Immigrant Voters Win super PAC. This super PAC is designed to increasing the numbers of Latino voters in swing states. Soros has also donated $5 million to the Voting Rights Trust. This organization is designed to fight back against any effort to restrict voting. By donating money towards organizations designed to help increase voter turnout, it is clear that Soros wants to increase the participation in American government and decrease the amount of power held by a totalitarian few.

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Fabletics Implements Reverse Showroom to Establish a Strong Client Base

Posted by jakeharris - July 5th, 2017

In business, the position of a product determines its performance. Branding influences product positioning. This, therefore, means that branding is a primary element to consider when establishing a business. Most well to do brands have taken advantage of the existing market niche that technology brings into business. Towards that end, the fashion industry has embraced the existence of technology as well as personalization as many consumers in the industry of fashion purchase brands that they can identify with. That is what Kate Hudson of Fabletics has embraced.




Through strategic planning as well as the execution of plans, Kate Hudson has created a brand that promotes wellness and fitness in women. The blue ocean strategy she has implemented is unmatched. Fabletics has initiated the use of innovative strategies and creativity to create demand in a world full of different fashion brands. Under Kate Hudson’s watch has the company grown into a multimillion dollar business over the last four years.


Reverse Showroom


The emergence of modern technology has revolutionized the operation of several industries. From design to marketing and research, technology has become a primary operating factor for Fabletics. That is the relevance of reverse showroom in Fabletics. Fabletics seeks to establish the needs of clients before stocking the physical stores. The company has managed to incorporate physical showrooms as well as retail stores for online shopping. From this platform, the management runs a search on the website to establish the mostly browsed products.




Depending on the tastes, preferences, culture, and quality of the products, they are availed in the physical stores. That is the basis of reverse showrooms. For Kate Hudson, the most important element is price and quality. Through affordable prices, Fabletics has won many hearts. Fabletics has included a modern concept of marketing, online shopping. This is made possible through a monthly membership subscription that can be enjoyed at $5. As the clients browse the products online with the intent to purchase, the management takes note of the shopping behavior of customers.


Winning with Fabletics


For Kate Hudson and Fabletics, it was not about the massive recognition. It was most of adopting an e-commerce platform for selling her brand. Just like Warby Parker, she initiated the beginning of an online shopping platform featuring affordable prices, high quality, and style. This was regardless of the consumer’s size, age in addition to ability. Through Fabletics Kate Hudson promotes health and comfort in women.

Honor Well Deserved

Posted by jakeharris - June 3rd, 2016

Accomplished is an understatement for Brian Bonar. When you think of Who’s Who, immediately you think the Elite of the Elite and Brian Bonar is just that when it comes to the business world. Holding many prestigious titles at more than one company Mr. Bonar is surely someone to look up to. Currently overseeing the operations for DFCO Dalrada Financial corporations, Bonar is responsible for ensuring that Dalrada’s clients receive only the best products for businesses needing to accommodate their employees whether its workman’s compensation, financial management, or management insurance and much more. Bonar not only ensures that Dalrada delivers on all its goods and services he also makes sure that the product he delivers is always up to date and always the best of the best just like himself. 
Usually when Cambridge’s Who ‘s Who make their selection they pick from a handful of those who have established a stellar example of workmanship, leadership, and qualities that you just don’t get in your day to day leaders in the financial and business world.
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Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service

TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc.

Along with being the Who’s Who for Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar’s entrepreneurship has also gained him notoriety in the business and financial world. Smar-Tek Automated Services was founded in 2009 by Brian Bonar. He saw a need in the employment staffing industry and took it to the next level. With technology constantly on the rise Smart-Tek specializes in staffing those in the technology profession keeping businesses staffed and ready to keep up with the world and it constant technology advances. Smart-Tek offers its services throughout the United States mainly in Boston and is based in Massachusetts. Mr Brian Bonar continued to capitalize his entrepreneurial skills and created Smart Biotech Solutions. A sister company to Smart-Tek, Smart Biotech Solutions is a staffing company that provides staffing services for professionals looking for work in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

The list can go on and on when it comes to great accomplishments and highest honors where Brian Bonar is concerned. He has definitely not received this award by sitting down all day. This award of high honor was well deserved for someone that has proven his skills, smarts, and talents can take you far and beyond. Cambridge’s Who’s Who made no mistake when choosing Brian Bonar. 

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The Success of the DeVos Family

Posted by jakeharris - May 19th, 2016

One of the most influential and philanthropy-oriented families in the United States is the DeVos family. The Devos family is a dedicated family that has created a family business from the ground up and has successfully become an influential member of the Grand Rapids region in Michigan. Among the many members of the DeVos family is Dick DeVos, a businessman and entrepreneur who has been involved and integrated into the business world ever since an early age. Dick DeVos is the son of the Amway co-founder and has helped his family ever since a child to do what he can to further build the business.

Dick DeVos distinctly remembers Amway Corporation as a small company held in his basement. Mr. DeVos and his brother always helped their family when they could and even gave product demonstrations to other businesses before any formal training. It was noted early on of Dick DeVos’ talent for business which is what later influenced him to pursue a business degree that would later benefit the family company. Dick DeVos began working at Amway Corporation in 1974 and was able to climb up the ladder to hold various executive positions within the company in various sectors of the company. Dick DeVos distinctly remembers his position as a vice president of the company. As a vice president of the company, Dick DeVos was in charge of international sales and since then increased the company’s international sales revenue to make up over 50 percent of total revenue.

As a successful businessman, Dick DeVos is a believer in sharing his wealth with the community. Since his success at Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos has become a constant donator to his community as well as many other organizations that run nationwide. One of his favorite organizations to be involved with involves improving education and to help children with little funds to pursue a higher level of education. Mr. DeVos believes that education is the key to building a community.

With Dick DeVos’ philanthropy activities, Mr. DeVos has decided to find individuals to help lead his company when he cannot. One individual in particular has recently been announced to be the new CEO of The Stow Company Inc. which is one of the largest home storage companies. This individual is Phil Dolci and already has over 20 years of experience in both the marketing industry as well as with leadership. Mr. Dolci is excited for this position and hopes to further expand the company.

The Right Online Reputation Management Firm is Key to Building Your Reputation

Posted by jakeharris - May 6th, 2016

In the business world, you are only as good as your reputation. As more and more people find their information online, managing your reputation, particularly your online reputation is essential. Information online is constantly changing. You can easily find that you have built up your reputation, only to find that a few disgruntled customers or angry internet trolls have significantly damaged your reputation. That is why hiring someone to manage your online reputation is crucial.

Online reputation management firms provide a number of services that can help you build your reputation and grow your business. They start with search engine optimization services that help keep your business in the top of the search results, thereby attracting more potential customers to your page. Studies show that the majority of people only click on the first few results after conducting a search, which makes it incredibly important to appear as close to the top as possible.

Online reputation management firms can also help by removing and burying negative reviews about you or your services. They can help take down inaccurate information that is damaging to you. They will also flood the Internet with positive reviews and positive information in an attempt to regulate bad reviews and information to the end of the search results for you and your company.

Online reputation management firms can also help you manage your social media accounts so that you have a positive, visible social media presence. It is not enough to simply have a social media presence, you need to have one that will attract positive attention. The right social media presence can really help you build and maintain your reputation.

Better Reputation is a an online reputation management firm that can help you make sure that your reputation is positive. They will work with you by finding out what your needs are and then tailoring their services to meet your needs. Before they work to help their clients create a better online reputation, they offer all of their clients a free online reputation assessment that will help both Better Reputation and their clients discover what they need to do to clean up their reputation.

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QNet’s Rythm Foundation Look To Provide Water Through Positive Thoughts

Posted by jakeharris - April 27th, 2016

The charitable arm of the QNet company has recently undertaken a new program designed to bring more positivity to the Internet, and provide clean water for children in UAE and Malaysia. QNet has been looking to find the best ways of assisting children in the areas the company has reached with its range of various products that have become successful across the majority of Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

Qnet has looked to reduce the negative thoughts that have become common over the Internet and will look to increase the levels of clean water for children at a QNet sponsored school in Tarrana, Malaysia, if enough positive comments are uploaded to their Facebook page with the donation of a HomePure Red filtration system. In addition, if the positive thoughts programs reaches the levels expected by the Hong Kong based company a second HomePure Red water filtering system will be donated to the Rashid Center for the disabled in UAE.

QNet was established in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and has seen the Rythm foundation established to provide charitable programs for different communities across Asia. The company is one of the most successful multi level marketing businesses in the world and offers a range of products including weight management and nutrition products that are designed to help beat the obesity epidemic sweeping the world. Home goods and luxury items have also proven popular with the people of various countries across Asia, which is the main base for QNet. One of the most popular areas for the QNet group is the production and sale of energy drinks that have become a top seller in India and encouraged the company to switch production to the country.

QNet is hoping to make sure increasing numbers of positive thoughts are posted to their Facebook page and are hoping for 500 positive comments to be placed on their page in the first two weeks of the positive thoughts project; if this is achieved QNet will provide a HomePure Red water filtration system for their school for children with disabilities in Malaysia. In the second two weeks 500 more positive posts tot he Facebook page of QNet will result in the donation of the second filtration system in UAE. Each person can only provide three positive posts to count towards the final total and must be posted within the month for QNet to provide higher levels of clean water for children in their schools.
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Brian Torchin: Establishing a Higher Quality in Health Care Services

Posted by jakeharris - February 23rd, 2016

Brian Torchin is the current president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC. He began his career as a physician of chiropractic practice opening offices in Philadelphia, Delaware and Florida. He has now expanded overseas to Europe and Asia. Brian has become the primary healthcare recruiter worldwide. Looking at how Torchin transformed the medical staffing industry, it is no surprise that they encourage medical staff to provide clients with the best possible experience.

Torchin and HCRC are dedicated to providing not only chiropractic jobs but dental, medical, podiatrist, physician assistant, physical therapy, and nurse practitioner jobs. Brian Torchin writes for the HCRC blog covering a variety of topics relevant to the employer as well as the job seeker. Customer service is number one priority to Torchin as described from twitter, which he stresses in his blog, encouraging employers to fill staffing positions with the best possible employees and to remember that their most important job is to serve their clients.

HCRC provides counseling for job seekers preparing them to ensure they are the best possible candidate. They also provide job placement, as they potentials staff members in actively seeking employment. Employers benefit because HCRC performs background checks and staff training in addition to finding proper staff in as little as 48 hours. Utilizing HCRC benefits job seekers by assisting them in finding the job they are most capable of performing. Medical companies save time and money by taking advantage of HCRC and the valuable services and information Torchin offers up on LinkedIn. All of these things help medical clients by cutting cost, eliminating under staffing, providing a higher variety of qualified staff, and maximizing customer service.

Torchin and HCRC have created a method that has confidently taken a lead in managing staffing needs for the medical field. His experience and attention to detail has made him the leading medical recruiter world wide.  You can find Brian’s behance profile here with further information.

Dick DeVos Adds A Liquor Producer To His Growing Business Empire

Posted by jakeharris - February 10th, 2016

Dick DeVos has been a well known business figure in Michigan for a number of years after playing a prominent role in the DeVos owned AmWay Group. Since leaving his role as President of AmWay in 2002, Dick DeVos and wife Betsy have been largely known for their role as philanthropists; however, the couple have been building a business empire of their own using the Windquest Holdings Group funded by the personal fortune of Dick DeVos to add new business opportunities to their investment company. MLive reports the latest acquisition for Dick and Betsy DeVos is the Coppercraft Distillery of Holland Township, Michigan, which has been a success for Michigan since being established in 2013.

Dick DeVos has built a strong business reputation through his work in many different areas of the DeVos family business empire. The career of DeVos began with his working in different areas of the AmWay Group to gain business experience before he was given a leadership role in the 1980s with the group; initial successes led to Dick DeVos being given a role heading the Orlando Magic NBA franchise the DeVos family purchased in the 1990s. DeVos later returned to the AmWay Group as President and led the company through a successful period of expansion and profit.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have continued the tradition of the DeVos family working hard to provide charitable assistance to the people of Michigan and the greater world. The areas of interest for Dick and Betsy include education, which has been a major source of funding from their personal foundation that specializes in creating charter schools. To aid the people of the world as a whole the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has also established scholarships for students looking to achieve a master’s level education within developing countries. Learn more about the foundation by visiting their website here >>

The development of Michigan has always played an important role in the life of Dick DeVos, who still lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DeVos is looking to expand the customer base of the Coppercraft Distillery that supplies liquor to more than 100 customers across the state of Michigan. Working alongside Coppercraft founder Walter Catton III the expansion of the distillery will see an investment in craft beers and wines to improve the range of products available for customers. The transference of the liquor license to Windquest Holdings has begun as the first step in Dick DeVos investing in the company.

Joseph Bismark Explains How to Maintain Body and Sou in asPire Magazine Interview

Posted by jakeharris - September 12th, 2015

Most people complain that there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything, but that doesn’t seem to bother Joseph Bismark who simply maximizes the time he does have to fit a bit of everything in. The leading businessman took time out to speak to asPire magazine for a feature according to Reuters about his holistic focus on health and wellbeing. It turns out that in addition to being the Director of the QI Group, he also regularly practices a vegetarian diet, reads, and follows a careful exercise regime on a daily basis.

In the article Joseph discusses how he believes that wellness and health has to be approached to include both body and mind. To this end, he makes time to work out, practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness, swim, and cycle. In the article he discusses several apps that help him with his exercise routines such as MapMyRide which allows him to track the duration, speed, pace, and calories burned during each ride.

Bismark is a revolutionary business leader known for his overwhelming sense of spirituality and the fact that he is not afraid to mix his beliefs with business. He is often referred to as dynamic and believes that every single person can find success and do extraordinary things. People simply have to focus on their mind and body wellness to get there. He continually seeks knowledge and as a youth even spent a few years in a monastery returning to the business world to quickly become a success. He encourages his employees to stop and take time out to be mindful as well so that they can find their way to success.

Despite his busy work day, he also takes more time out for his own mindfulness practicing yoga on a regular basis. In fact, he even teaches yoga at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga although he refers to himself as a student and teacher. He enhances his yoga sessions by using Soundcloud to upload chants and mantras that help him achieve a maximize state of mindfulness during his sessions.

Of course, Bismark is not one to leave anything out, so it should come as little surprise that he also uses Luminosity the brain app at least minutes every day. He explains it helps to keep his mind sharp and receptive.

n for his overwhelming sense of spirituality and the fact that he is not afraid to mix his beliefs with business. He is often referred to as dynamic and believes that every single person can find success and do extraordinary things. People simply have to focus on their mind and body wellness to get there. He continually seeks knowledge and as a youth even spent a few years in a monastery returning to the business world to quickly become a success. He encourages his employees to stop and take time out to be mindful as well so that they can find their way to success.

Despite his busy work day, he also takes more time out for his own mindfulness practicing yoga on a regular basis. In fact, he even teaches yoga at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga although he refers to himself as a student and teacher. He enhances his yoga sessions by using Soundcloud to upload chants and mantras that help him achieve a maximize state of mindfulness during his sessions.

Of course, Bismark is not one to leave anything out, so it should come as little surprise that he also uses Luminosity the brain app at least minutes every day. He explains it helps to keep his mind sharp and receptive.

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